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Michael has been married to Meredith for 30 years and has four kids. Elizabeth (eldest) is married to James and has two little girls and a boy. Michael enjoys spending time with his grandchildren on his days off. Claire is a nurse in Glen Innes, Katie works in Learning Support and is married to Justin. James is studying engineering in Newcastle.  Michael grew up in Wollongong and was briefly a Maths teacher in Sydney before studying at SMBC and Morling College to become a pastor. Michael loves beach holidays with his family, playing hockey, running, reading books, watching movies and anything outdoors. Previously he served with Ariah Park Baptist Church for 8 and a half years. He was called to Tamworth Baptist Church in 2011 to serve in preaching, prayer and discipleship.





Rob works in truck and machinery dealing, he is married to Carol and has four kids. Rob loves to spend time outdoors and spend time with his family in his downtime. The Nolan's spent 2 years of short term mission in Austria doing a lot of work with refugees. Rob has been part of this church for over twenty years and been an elder here for 5 years. Rob's passion for sharing the love of Jesus in everyday life is a blessing to our church and an encouragement to keep evangelism at the forefront of our lives. Rob has the gift of talking to anyone about Jesus whatever situation he is in. His faithfulness and gracious attitude is a great contribution to the eldership. His generous nature helps lead our church to give plentifully to those who are in need.



Ron has been a member of TBC for over forty years and is a carpenter by trade. He is married to Rosalie who he met at bible college and has 4 daughters- Michelle, Carolyn, Susan and Juanita. Ron has combined his skills as a builder and his love for Jesus in many short term mission trips to Africa and Papua New Guinea. Ron has been an elder for over 5 years because he understands the difficulty of being a pastor and wishes to encourage and share the load of Michael. Ron particularly delights in serving the Karen people of our church which involves helping in practical and spiritual ways.Ron and Rosalie’s gentle faithfulness is their greatest contribution to the eldership.



Evrol and Lesley have been married for more than 45 years, and their three children have 13 grandchildren which are a big part of their life. With over 35 years between Crest Community Baptist Church and Greenacre Baptist Church, Evrol has served as deacon, treasurer and elder. His wonderful wife has ably supported, prayed for and encouraged him in this. Evrol was called as an elder of this church in 2018 and has been involved in many ministries of our church including life groups, seniors ministries and prayer meetings. Evrol understands the importance of sharing godly wisdom in the eldership as well as supporting and providing accountability for the pastors.





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